This is another one of our resets, episodes that aired some time ago which I’m re-recording and posting to allow me some space to catch up on other projects.

My son Seth is an artist, a musician, and a wise observer of my spiritual vulnerabilities. He knows the kinds of metrics I use to measure my worth, and he has the courage to call me out on it when I do. Repeatedly. So he was doing when this episode first aired in June of 2021. I share it again because we all need to be called out when we fail to find our worth solely in the eyes of the Chooser.

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Notes and resources relevant to this episode:

Gordon MacDonald, Ordering Your Private World (United States: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1984). Soon after I read the book, MacDonald’s own private world was revealed to be a mess. Nevertheless, the book has value.

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Intro: “Holy Vanguard” / Lyrics
Outro: “Wonder Tour” / Lyrics / Video

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