Hello, all. I’m Randy Greenwald and I want to welcome you to Greatheart’s Table.

After the last episode, some have taken to addressing me “Whiney Pastor.” Given the positive response that that episode generated, I’m okay with that. Contrary to what some thought after listening, I’m doing fine. A key part of that fineness is the freedom to be honest as a pastor, and I have my friends and my church to thank for giving me that freedom.

This episode is another reset – it originally posted in June of 2021 and, ironically, it picks up this theme of the value of having friends with whom one can speak, and whine, honestly.

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Notes and resources relevant to this episode:

When I began ministry, a recommended book was Survival Tactics in the Parish published in 1977 by Lyle Schaller. Recently, 2016, my friend Michael Osborne published Surviving Ministry (Wipf and Stock). The theme in these titles is revealing.

It’s the peril of forced “quiet” that has led me to title this post and the next one after the movie “A Quiet Place” and its sequel. The reasons will be made clear in a future follow post to this one.

Harrison Scott Key, Congratulations, Who Are You Again? (United States: Harper Perennial, 2018), p. 125.

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