Hello, everyone. Welcome to Greatheart’s Table, “a newsletter and podcast,” as one listener put it, “for pastors (or other leaders) challenging the unreachable expectations for modern pastors and encouraging them to be comfortable in their own skin.”

I’m not sure I could have explained this any better. I do encourage pastors and others to be comfortable with who they are, but many there are defining for us what that skin is to be, and some of it is not helpful. As John Stott reminds us, the only model for us is Christ.

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Notes and resources relevant to this episode:

Tim Chester, Stott on the Christian Life: Between Two Worlds (United States: Crossway, 2020).

The quote about boldness is attributed to Charles Spurgeon a 19th century London pastor. Spurgeon, though, like Mark Twain, Martin Luther, Winston Churchill, and a host of others, is often said to have said things he never really said. So, I am reticent to really burden him with this quote.

Quoted in George Marsden, Infinite Fountain of Light: Jonathan Edwards for the Twenty-First Century, (United States: Inter-Varsity Press, 2023), p. 121.

R. T. France, I Came to Set the Earth on Fire: a Portrait of Jesus, (United States: Inter-Varsity Press, 1975). It was also published as Jesus the Radical and has been republished under that title.

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