With this episode, I’d like to introduce you to the music of Mark Nicks and Cool Hand Luke. After nearly 100 episodes with Over the Rhine, whose generosity has been great, it was time for a change. A podcast, like the church, requires the contributions of many gifts to make it work, and I’m appreciative of Mark’s willingness to attach his name to what we are doing here. I hope listeners move on from here to check out other music by Cool Hand Luke.

Here, then, we puzzle through the odd thought that the church can learn something from zombie movies. And whether you think I’m crazy or not, as always, thanks for joining us around Greatheart’s Table.

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Notes and resources relevant to this episode:

Edwidge Danticat, Create Dangerously (United States: Vintage Books, 2011), p. 117, 118.

I understand that some readers will have principled objections to ‘R’ rated movies like these. The idea, however, exists in any apocalyptic art, from The Hunger Games to The Stand.

The quote has since been edited out of her “about” section.

Podcast music provided by Cool Hand Luke and used with permission.
Intro: “Holy Vanguard” / Lyrics
Outro: “Wonder Tour” / Lyrics

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