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We have been occasionally considering the various issues addressed in Tim Chester’s book Stott on the Christian Life. Stott is one of my ministry heroes, and Chester’s book digs in to some of what set his ministry apart.

In this case, Chester looks at how Stott confronted what was known as the “Charismatic Movement” of the middle of the 20th Century. For our purposes, the questions raised by that movement, and Stott’s response, remain relevant in a world driven increasingly by method and efficiency. Where is the Holy Spirit in our ministries? It’s a question worth asking.

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Notes and resources relevant to this episode:

Tim Chester, Stott on the Christian Life: Between Two Worlds (United States: Crossway, 2020).

Stott’s response the Charismatic movement is preserved here: Baptism and Fulness: The Work of the Holy Spirit Today (United States: InterVarsity Press, 2021)

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