Of all the podcasts, in all the streaming services, in all the world, you’ve walked into mine. And I’m grateful!

The words “Play it again, Sam” are often quoted from, but are actually never spoken in, the movie Casablanca. But that is what I’ve been doing for several weeks, resetting, re-recording, and re-posting a few early episodes of Greatheart’s Table.

But we are back with fresh thoughts meant to encourage pastors in their ministries.

With this episode I add my voice to the plethora of those honoring the life and ministry of Tim Keller.

Except, that is not really what is motivating these words.

Rather, I want to leverage his legacy to praise the many faithful, and unknown, Christians scattered throughout the church who are having profound impact on others.

Thanks for joining us around Greatheart’s Table. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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Notes and resources relevant to this episode:

Those unfamiliar with Keller can find a summary of his life here.

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