When I was a young seminary student with no money and two children, I developed a pain the source of which eluded a couple of doctors until one asked me a question, “Have you been under any stress recently?” I nearly laughed in his face with the absurdity of the question given the reality of my situation.

Situations change, of course, but it seems in pastoral ministry, the stress remains. Sometimes we bring it on ourselves. In this episode I’d like to consider the degree to which a temptation to control rather than trust can amp up our stress to unnecessary levels.

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Notes and resources relevant to this episode:

“What a Friend we have in Jesus,” Joseph Scriven. Trinity Hymnal (United States: Great Commission Publications, 1991), p. 629.

As to Lloyd being “cool as a cucumber,” I like to imagine that “cumber” is related etymologically to “cucumber.” It’s probably not, but please don’t burst my fantasy with any facts to the contrary.

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