Perhaps I’m an old, Scroogish, curmudgeon, but though I enjoy Christmas, I’m always rather happy when it’s in the rear view mirror. It’s not just the extra work of extra services or the added stress of gifts and gatherings that gets to me. I think it’s the chaotic disruption of my routine. I’m kind of a fan of the ordinary rhythms of the everyday.

So, yes, I guess I’m that guy.

But at the same time, an affection for the ordinary might serve us well as pastors. Sometimes I think we need to learn to be okay with boring. I’d like to think a bit about that, with a Christmas bow tied around it.

So, thanks for joining us around Greatheart’s Table.

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Notes and resources relevant to this episode:

Mary, Queen of the Universe.

To understand the Bedford Falls reference, sit down tonight with a bowl of popcorn and watch the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

The passages from Malachi come from chapter 3. The challenging ones who make us want to give up and run. My heart breaks for the many good pastors who have had to leave ministry because of them.

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