It’s since been fixed, but somehow the November 14 episode went live without the music. To my ear the whole episode lost life. It felt limp and empty. Releasing it in that way was a mistake, but it did remind me of how dependent I am upon Over the Rhine’s music, and ultimately how we all are dependent upon the gifts of others.

Everything that I say in these episodes has been shaped in me in some way by others. Sometimes those “others” are unlikely candidates for speaking into a pastor’s life, as is the case with this episode. But God loves to use the unlikely.

So, thanks for joining us around Greatheart’s Table.

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Notes and resources relevant to this episode:

Sinclair B. Ferguson, The Whole Christ: Legalism, Antinomianism, and Gospel Assurance—Why the Marrow Controversy Still Matters (United States: Crossway, 2016), p. 133.

Westminster Larger Catechism Q/A 145

And to hear John Candy deliver Del Griffith’s lines far better than I, listen here.

Podcast music provided by Over the Rhine, and used with permission.
Intro: “All My Favorite People” / Lyrics
Outro: “Called Home” / Lyrics

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