This name “Greatheart’s Table” and the associated logo captures something important about ministry. The pulpit is important, but so is the table. I believe in preaching, but I also think we underestimate the ministry possibilities available to us through unstructured conversations over an ice cream sundae or a caramel machiato.

I am encouraged, by the way, by how many of you who are not pastors have found Greatheart’s Table helpful. In this post I realize that though you do not have access to a pulpit, you have access to a table. In that, ministry is wide open to you.

You, like pastors, have something valuable to give: your time.

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Notes and resources relevant to this episode:

Pastor Stulac shared Jesus’ words from John 15:7: “Apart from me, you can do nothing.”

I know that Zoom and other apps has now made it possible to have transnational relationships. I continue relationships across time zones in this way, but I cannot say that I’ve ever developed a relationship very well in this way. Ministry in a digital age is still best practiced locally.

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