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I remember reading about British pastor David Martyn Lloyd-Jones reading something like the complete works of John Owen while he was “on holiday” as they say. I certainly don’t spend my vacation time doing that. Or haven’t. Maybe I should. I don’t know. Am I wasting valuable time wandering around the Great Smoky Mountains looking for bears I’ll never see? Or possibly I wasted my life because I didn’t get that D.Min or PhD when I had the chance?

Oh me. Am I wasting my life? Are you? Is God?

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Notes and resources relevant to this episode:

Andre Agassi, Open (United States: Vintage Books, 2010), p. 77. I should add that the smell was not that bad. That Agassi’s memories of those days are a bit foggy is made clear when he refers to the “hills” around Bradenton. There are no hills.

I’m well aware that there are sinful, self-destructive, soul-destroying choices made by many. These are terrible and often sad. Those are not my concern here. Too often in order to make sure no one is freed to sin, we define from the lives of the faithful the joy of living. My concern here is to free Christians, and particularly pastors, to follow Jesus in childlike wonder.

Romans 8:29, which defines the “good” of the oft-quoted Romans 8:28.

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