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A friend recently stopped by a donut shop in Michigan whose slogan is “Donuts: We made them taste good; you made them famous.

I want to adopt that idea. I do what I can to make these posts taste good. If you agree, then I need you to make them “famous.”

Fame is not my goal, but being a service to as many as I can is. If you find these posts tasty, please let others know.

I hope you have others to tell, not just for my sake, but in a real sense for yours as well. I touched upon the need for friendship in our last conversation. Pull up a chair as we continue that them in this post called “A Quiet Place, Part II.”


I’ve titled the previous post and this one after the movie and its recently released sequel for reasons which I hope become clear.

If the notion of sailors performing an on-board rendition of The Messiah seems a stretch, it is because our view of the shipboard culture of that time is shaped by legend and not reality. O’Brian has done his research deep in the archives of the British navy.

Patrick O’Brian, The Ionian Mission (United States: W. W. Norton & Company, 1992), p. 166.
If I make frequent references to these books it is because O’Brian’s insight into humanity is so rich. It’s also because I’m a fan.

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