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If you have not joined us before, I encourage you to read or listen to the first post which explains what Greatheart’s Table is all about. I hope this to be an encouragement to pastors, and to those who care for them, and to any others who might take a seat at the table.

Pastoral ministry, I suggested in our last post, can be panic inducing. In this one, I’d like to suggest a remedy, a vaccine if you will, against despair and panic, something to help us do ministry without a mask and with greater freedom and safety.

So pull up a chair at the table and let’s consider the importance of pastoral friendship in this post entitled “A Quiet Place.”


It’s the peril of forced “quiet” that has led me to title this post and the next one after the movie A Quiet Place and its sequel. The reasons will be made clear in the next post.

When I began ministry, a recommended book was Survival Tactics in the Parish published in 1977 by Lyle Schaller. Recently, 2016, my friend Michael Osborne published Surviving Ministry (Wipf and Stock). The theme in these titles is revealing.

Harrison Scott Key, Congratulations, Who Are You Again? (United States: Harper Perennial, 2018), p. 125.

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