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I wanted to give a shout out to Nicole Turner who designed the logo for Greatheart’s Table. I am finding that in some nooks and crannies of the internet my placeholder logo frustratingly still appears. When that happens, it only goes to show how good Nicole is, and I’m grateful for her work.

Sometimes, I think pastors don’t realize the potential we have. We may feel useless or ministry may be frustrating. But there is a way that we have influence that we too easily forget.

Pull up a chair and let’s talk about how we might be doing ministry by “Rubbing off on Others.”

Quote is from – David Brooks, The Second Mountain: the Quest for a Moral Life (United States: Random House, 2019), p. 3.

Podcast music provided by Over the Rhine, and used with permission.
Intro: “All My Favorite People” / Lyrics
Outro: “Called Home” / Lyrics

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